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February 13, 2017: Learning about the Immigration Raids

This website has helpful information about how to advise people who are panicked about increased immigration raids.

February 5, 2017: What Goes Around Comes Around

The advocate in me who deplores the recent refugee and Muslim travel bans is ecstatic about the Washington State federal judge’s order enjoining the orders nationally. But there is irony in it, too…the authority for extending the injunction nationally comes from the same logic that stayed President Obama’s effort to provide immigration relief for many undocumented parents of citizens and green card holders in 2014. One Texas district court judge was able to stop an estimated 5 million people from experiencing immigration relief under the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans program.


January 31, 2017: We don’t need another brick in the wall

Please don’t get distracted by the wall. It’s going to be an attractive symbol for the immigration fight on both sides, but the FAR more important fight is over (largely unseen) civil rights violations within the country, the massive expansion of private detention facilities (look at CCA’s stock), and the fast-tracking of removal for an incredibly broad swath of migrants who won’t get a chance to go before a judge. Those fights are less visible and matter so much more. You can’t go wrong with supporting anything from ACLU nationally or a local immigration legal services provider (whose funding is likely to get slashed when Trump eliminates the Legal Services Corporation). 

New York Times gets it right.